Wood carving

Wood is my favourite material. I like to give it shape to reveal its hidden beauty – to enhance its veins or natural hue, to play with the contrasting colours of different species. I like this dialogue with matter, to ennoble and magnify its beauty – at times wrestling with it, at other times delicately taming it.

I usually work with traditional techniques, while making wise use of modern machinery. The finishing touches are always given by hand.

Under my gouges and chisels, the blocks of oak or lime, of cherry or almond tree become characters of the gospel: Christ on the cross, the Virgin and Child, Saint Joseph…

The patient labour aims at letting a face or a gesture emerge, in order to lead further, towards new depths, pointing towards the invisible.The wood sculptures are made on commission and to measure.  Depending on the model, the finish can be in polychromy or simply beeswax.