The sacred made visible

Philippe Lefebvre is iconographer, sculptor et painter.

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My inspiration is rooted in the vast heritage of Christian art: in mosaics, frescoes, icons, relief carvings… I like to draw as much from the Eastern repertory as from that of the Western tradition (e.g. getting back to the Italian Primitives) to find this extra bit of soul that seems to have deserted us. For me the icon is not a fossilized art form, condemned to the identical copying of petrified models, but a living art form that speaks to people of our day and age.


Wood carving

Wood is my favourite material. I like to give it shape to reveal its hidden beauty – to enhance its veins or natural hue, to play with the contrasting colours of different species. I like this dialogue with matter, to ennoble and magnify its beauty – at times wrestling with it, at other times delicately taming it.

I usually work with traditional techniques, while making wise use of modern machinery. The finishing touches are always given by hand.

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Wood carving

Preparatory studies

Before tackling new painting or sculpture projects, preparatory studies are often necessary: of folds and drapery, of architectural details, of hands, feet, faces and other body parts.


Drawings, pastels, water colors...

Se laisser toucher par la grâce d’un lieu, d’un moment, d’un visage, d’une œuvre, et tenter d’en saisir une trace visuelle à offrir …


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