As a child, I started to draw, just for fun, without any particular training.

As a teenager, I discovered woodwork, particularly woodcarving. I took a three-year course in artistic cabinet-making at the Institut Saint Luc in Tournai (Belgium), graduating in 1983. 

As an adult, sacred art has gradually become more and more central in my life, especially iconography. I trained in icon-painting at the Icon Painting Academy in Brussels (Belgium), under the direction of Irina Gorbunova-Lomax (2011-2014). 

At present, combining the deep inner pull with the skills I have acquired, I work as an artist specialised in sacred art, both in iconography and in wood sculpture, under the Provencal sun, not far from Avignon in the Vaucluse area of southern France. 

My approach is clearly figurative. When working with colours and shapes, I try to express something of the beauty of Christ and of the saints so as to lead people to the threshold of prayer. I work for private customers and for parishes or communities, both in France and abroad.